Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Holy Granolabars is Dead?

With a month of no posts (February), and a highly unpopular pseudo-blog (Haiku Attack!) entertaining no fewer than 4 "followers," it's hard to know which direction famed blogger Ackshawn Mcgillicuddy will take in his online writing in the coming year.

Sources in Northern California's famed "Emerald Triangle" region released a report this week that Ackshawn may have received a long-term programmer contact with the illustrious KZYX radio network, and is in fact producing shows bi-monthly in the region, although this claim has not been substantiated at this time.

Other reports indicate Ackshawn may have joined the membership of an obscure North American writer's cabal who's members claim to use "Auto-Creative-Processing (ACP) for art's sake", according to one online publication (holygranolabars.com.) The group plans to produce an entirely improvised performance as part of the "39 Reasons" ArtFest in Mendocino, CA this coming May alongside other popular visual, musical, and theatrical artists from the region.

With little or no interest in the parabolic trajectory of Mr. McGillicuddy's career path, however, it's seems only a matter of time before the once-heralded leader of the "Controversy of Mirrors" art movement becomes nothing more than a distant memory in the shadowy history of simple-minded aesthetes everywhere.

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